Apple, Google, and Microsoft – The Latest Moves in the Mobile Internet Market
Monday, April 25, 2011 2:48 PM

There is a trend brewing and it seems rather ominous. It seems all major tech corporations are trying to step into each other's territory, sometimes overtly. Competition definitely benefits the consumers, but the way tech majors are encroaching upon each other's realm is definitely surprising.

Expanding its Ecosystem

A fortnight ago, the world's largest online retailer, Amazon, forayed into cloud services offering its consumers an ability to access their music from anywhere on any device. This is a territory that cannot be deemed as a business realm of Amazon. Though rumors were rife that Apple and Google to are also planning to launch similar services, nobody had expected that it would happen so soon. According to Reuters, they have learned from reliable sources that Apple has inked a deal with two of the major record labels to supply music to its online music storage services. The major difference here is, rather than giving access to music to the users from any device, the access is limited to just Apple devices. In short, Apple is just expanding its ecosystem.

Attempting to Forge Business Relationships

The music of course will be sold through iTunes. The only difference is that users can stream their purchased music from multiple Apple only devices. The move undoubtedly is an effort to strengthen its position in the mobile apps and the mobile OS market. Another major difference is the fact that unlike Amazon, Apple actually is seeking the permission from record labels to allow them and its users to stream their music from any geographic location. Sony, WMG, EMI, and UMG are some of the record labels Apple is trying to persuade.

Apple's True Intentions

If Reuters is to be believed, then the deal with WMG has been cracked or solved; this was a mystery for some time. Apple had acquired some time back. At that point of time, the acquisition did not make any sense, but now some light has been shed on their original intentions. Apple is not a dumb company; they would not be at the forefront of the tech universe otherwise.

Skip the Middle Man

If you are thinking that Google is just snoozing around, you are wrong. Google Music is another service that everybody has been eagerly waiting for. And if rumormongers are to be believed, the search engine giant is already in talks with Spotify, which industry insiders say will be instrumental in rolling out music streaming services. Spotify however denies any such association or covert discussions. It was also heard that Google, which has been unable to broker any agreement with the record labels, had almost abandoned any plans for music streaming. However, Google might have taken a cue from Amazon and might launch the particular service without actually taking into confidence or forming any business ties with any record company. Well, at least they tried; no one can harangue them for that.

Microsoft in an Innovative Lull?

The only major player in the tech market not making any big announcements so far is Microsoft. Investors and aficionados have been complaining that the company has stopped innovating. However, things may change a bit and these puff puffs may be put to rest after Nokia starts putting on shelves Windows 7 based phones. But again, that may not happen anytime before 2012.

Movers and Shakers

Google, Apple, and Microsoft, each one is eager to capture and dominate the mobile internet market. Apple though may have the lead at the present moment, though Google may catch-up real soon. Microsoft is clearly in the third spot.



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