Earnings move the market and a stock can make a substantial move against the direction of the market as an outcome of good or bad earnings. The goal of this site is to help investors learn more about the company before the earnings are announced and find alpha stocks which will beat the market in longer term. The site also provide community tools to track the earnings posted by research analyst and website users/traders.

The founder and Chief editor of Newsy Stocks, Nikki, has been investing into the stock market since 2001. She is a bio-technology major and has a post grad diploma in medical informatics. During the post grad diploma she started researching more about the medical and information technology stocks. The journey has lead to the launch of NewsyStocks.com

Our Authors

  • David Becker

    Mr. Becker has 18 years track record of creating and initiating successful investment ideas. During his professional career, David has worked for 2 investment banks, which include Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney, trading equities, commodities and foreign exchange. David also spent time working at different hedge funds, where he managed portfolios and developed a successful track record.

  • Tim Plaehn

    Mr. Plaehn has followed different interests throughout his life leading to work in several career fields and has a unique perspective. He has worked as a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force and has been in the finance industry from quite a while.

  • Salman Khan

    Mr. Kahn has a Bachelor's degree in finance and has been trading from past six years. He was an editor for an Asian investment house.

  • Earnings Beat

    Mr. Erst currently manages a hedge fund. He lives in NYC and enjoys educating retail investors with his writings.

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