Motorola Shares Decline In Awake Of Q1 Mobile Deficit
By:NewsyStocks   Friday, December 03, 2010 12:12 AM

Shares of Motorola (NYSE: MOT) Inc started falling on New York stock exchange after the company warned investors that it would report loss in the first quarter.

1st December, Wednesday, Motorola  fell 1.5 percent after it forecast first-quarter profit to be plunged for its mobile arm. The first quarter sales report will include cheap mobile phones in a significant proportion.

Late on Wednesday, addressing an investors conference, Motorola co-chief executive Sanjay Jha told that the company is hoping a loss in Ist quarter. The company's mobile phone division reported revenue to grow by 20% than the last quarter adding two billion dollars to the revenue. It reported an operating loss of 43 million dollars, which was 216 million dollars last year.

Motorola's mobile phone division named Motorola Mobility will receive a separate identity from 4 January. This division will include mobile, media, Internet and computing market. The company's another division Motorola Solutions will handle next-gen communication solutions, public safety and enterprise customers.

Motorola sales are affected by its partner Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) recent move to opening door for other mobile manufacturers. Verizon is prepared to provide communication services on Apple iPhones in January 2011. Facing the challenge to increase sales, the company is in touch with other US operators like Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S), T-mobile and AT&T Inc.(NYSE: T). Motorola Co-chief executive Sanjay Jha has told that the company is slowly creating its base in Europe.

Motorola had experienced success with MotoRazr phones, but it failed to continue the trend of success, facing tough competition from mobile manufacturers like Apple, HTC, Canada's Research in motion (RIM) etc. As Android phones are high in demand, Motorola has high expectations from its Android based devices. The company launched around 12 Android phones this year.

2nd December, Motorola stocks: At the end of the trading session on Thursday, Motorola closed at 7.97$ with an overall decline of 0.44%.  Howerver, after trading hours report noted at 06:11 pm EST, it has moved up by 0.38% to $8.00.