eProvided Recommends Backing Up Files This Summer; Avoid Photo Recovery, Thumb Drive Recovery and SSD Recovery
Friday, April 15, 2022 5:23 PM

Summer's Approaching and It's Safe to Say Millions of People Are Making Vacation Plans

DENVER, CO -- (Marketwire) -- 04/15/11 -- Thumb drives, Digital photo memory cards, and SSD drives are undoubtedly the digital file cabinet of our era; where do you turn when all is lost? Photo recovery services can be prevented with proper precautions.

In 2010, 65% of the US population said they were planning to take a trip to their favorite destination; this year's numbers look similar. Vacationers experience higher levels of photo recovery needs in the summer. No matter the vacation hotspot, people document their adventure by packing a camera and a few SSD drives or thumb drives.

Thumb drive recovery needs arise unexpectedly. Breakthroughs in NAND storage have revolutionized the photo industry, however, these devices are not reliable, conceivably requiring SSD recovery. Solid State Drives are based on NAND Flash memory. In 2011 alone, eProvided Data Recovery reports 75% of all storage devices arriving for file recovery are cracked or broken in two.

SSD drives are being manufactured below par. NAND Flash memory manufacturers place too many chips on one PCB, creating additional problems and failures.

Camera film still exists, in 2010, Gartner Reports 245 million USB flash drives were sold globally; it's safe to say flash storage devices are taking over. While thumb drives, SSD drives, or any of the other various memory storage devices are convenient, they aren't reliable; devices get damaged during flights home & files disappear without reason.

Backup your files. Some travelers cut their losses; others hold sentimental value to digital memories. Travelers don't plan for thumb drive recovery, SSD recovery, or photo recovery difficulties, luckily they have eProvided Data Recovery to turn to.

About eProvided: the most experienced name in data recovery, 10 years of experience, thousands of satisfied customers, and averaging 98% success rates. Very few USB thumb drives, SD[HC] flash memory sticks can't be recovered. They have refined all advanced procedures of thumb drive recovery, SSD recovery, and photo recovery on any storage device. eProvided recovers clients' precious memories in the form of photos and documents. To the vast majority of travelers, these digital files are priceless.

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