Libyan TV claims 48 killed in allied attacks
Saturday, March 19, 2022 9:48 PM

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(Source: Associated Press/AP Online)BENGHAZI, Libya - Libyan state TV is quoting the armed forces command as saying 48 people have been killed and 150 wounded in the the allied assault by U.S. and European forces. The report can't be independently confirmed.

The U.S. and European nations have begun pounding Moammar Gadhafi's forces and air defenses with cruise missiles and airstrikes in the broadest international military effort since the Iraq war in support of an uprising that had seemed on the verge of defeat.

Libyan TV says most of the casualties are children.

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  • Buoyed by strikes, Libya rebels try to advance Mar 22, 2022 05:06 AM

    • ZWITINA, Libya - Coalition forces bombarded Libya for a third straight night, targeting the air defenses and forces of Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi, stopping his advances and handing some momentum back to the rebels, who were on the verge of defeat just last week.
    • The air campaign by U.S. and European militaries has unquestionably rearranged the map in Libya and rescued rebels from the immediate threat they faced only days ago of being crushed under a powerful advance by Gadhafi's forces.
    • But while the airstrikes can stop Gadhafi's troops from attacking rebel cities - in line with the U.N. mandate to protect civilians - the United States, at least, appeared deeply reluctant to go beyond that toward actively helping the rebel cause to oust the Libyan leader.
      • Ex-Israeli president Katsav sentenced to 7 years Mar 22, 2022 04:48 AM

        • TEL AVIV, Israel - An Israeli court ordered former Israeli President Moshe Katsav to prison for seven years Tuesday following his rape conviction, rejecting his attorneys' request for leniency and making him the highest-ranking Israel official ever sent to jail.
        • The silver-haired Katsav broke down in tears and screamed at the judges: "You made a mistake!
        • In December, the Tel Aviv Disctrict Court found Katsav, 65, guilty of raping a former employee and sexually harassing two other women who used to work for him.
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            • Kirstie Alley came in second place with 23 points.
            • Radio host Mike Catherwood finished last with 13 points.
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                • NEW YORK - Kevin Garnett had 24 points and 11 rebounds, Rajon Rondo added 13 points and 12 assists, and the Boston Celtics scored the final 10 points for a spirited 96-86 victory over the New York Knicks on Monday night.
                • With blood flowing and bodies flying, the Celtics showed the Knicks they will be tough to beat next month if this was in fact a preview of a first-round playoff series.
                • Paul Pierce scored 21 points and Ray Allen had 15 for Boston despite a poor shooting night and a cut on his head that briefly forced him from the game.
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                    • WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney is the godfather of what Republican critics call Obamacare.
                    • Jon Huntsman worked for President Barack Obama.
                    • Is any potential Republican presidential nominee without vulnerabilities that could alienate voters, especially those in the GOP primaries, and provide ready-made attacks for opponents?

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