Big Dig has inspection problem
Saturday, March 19, 2022 7:46 PM

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The Boston Herald said it has learned the fixtures were inspected last April and no problems were found. Eight months later, on Feb. 8, a 110-pound light came loose and fell.

The Big Dig, or Central Artery Project, was one of the biggest public works projects in history, rerouting an elevated highway that slashed through Boston's historic downtown to a 3.5-mile tunnel. The project was plagued by cost overruns, and later complaints of leaks and poor materials. In 2006, a section of ceiling collapsed on a car, killing a woman.

The Herald said the inspection of the light fixtures failed to detect corrosion. State officials said Wednesday 350 fixtures have been replaced since the one fell.

State Transportation Secretary Jeffrey Mullan also said Thursday lights must now be inspected by hand and not just visually.

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