Qualcomm could exit broadband venture by second half next year
Tuesday, November 09, 2021 3:53 PM

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Thomas K. Thomas

New Delhi, Nov. 9

San Diego-based technology firm Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) could possibly exit its Indian broadband venture by second half of next year as it does not see itself competing with telecom operators. Qualcomm had won broadband spectrum in four circles and is in talks with operators for equity sale in the subsidiary companies.

Speaking to Business Line, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Qualcomm, Dr Paul E. Jacobs, said, “It is possible that by the time our network is ready to launch by second half of next year, the broadband venture may be owned by another player. We never wanted to be the operator and we are very transparent about it. We are under fair amount of pressure by the operators too as they don't want us to be in this business. It is not good to be in a position where we are trying to tell the operator how to do their business. We are a technology company and we are good at that.”

LTE-TDD technology

When asked to whether it was fair for Qualcomm to insist that the future buyer should deploy only LTE-TDD technology, Dr Jacobs said that the objective was to give a seamless experience to consumers.

“You need the ecosystem to be harmonised. It is the right thing to do 3G and LTE together because the systems were designed that way. If you throw Wimax into the system it doesn't work well. So we are saying that we want to sell to someone who sees the world the way we see it and there's nothing wrong in that.”

The Qualcomm Chief said that the company has made initial presentation to potential buyers.


Dr Jacobs, however, added that there was no pressure on Qualcomm to exit the venture in any specific time frame. “We really want to make sure that the venture gets going. If we have an operator partner then that's fine, if we don't and if we have to hold the spectrum longer then that's fine too,” he said.

On the issue of insisting potential to buy only from Qualcom-licensed vendors, Dr Jacobs said that it wasn't a restrictive move as there are more than 185 licenced vendors from whom the operator can buy.

“We have gone out out of our way to make sure that we have given licences as broadly as we possibly can. You wont see people saying that Qualcomm kept us out. We licence out and then we also help them to build the ecosystem,” Dr Jacobs said.


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