Civilian killed, 11 wounded in Iraq's violence
Wednesday, July 21, 2021 4:56 AM

BAGHDAD, Jul. 21, 2010 (Xinhua News Agency) -- A civilian was killed and 11 wounded in bomb and gunfire attacks in Baghdad and eastern Iraq's Diyala province on Wednesday, the police said.

A civilian was killed and three others were wounded when a magnetic bomb attached to a car detonated in Baghdad's western neighborhood of al-Ameriyah, an Interior Ministry source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

In separate incident, two policemen were wounded in a roadside bomb explosion near their patrol in Baghdad's southern district of Doura, the source said.

Also in Baghdad, two civilians were wounded in a roadside bomb explosion in Palestine Street in eastern the capital in the morning, the source added.

In Diyala, three family members were wounded when unknown gunmen attacked their house in the city of Khalis, near the provincial capital city of Baquba, some 65 km northeast of Baghdad, a source from the provincial operations command told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

The attack took place at dawn when the attackers opened fire on the house with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, the source said.

Separately, unidentified gunmen opened fire on a checkpoint manned by an Awakening Council group, wounding one of the group members, the source added.

The Awakening Council group consists of armed groups, including some powerful anti-U.S. Sunni insurgent groups, who fought the al- Qaida network after the latter exercised indiscriminate killings against both Shiite and Sunni Muslim communities.

In a separate incident, a roadside bomb struck a U.S. patrol outside Maqdadiyah, damaging one of the U.S. vehicles, the source said without giving further details.

The U.S. military has no immediate comment about the incident.

Also in the province, Iraqi security force captured Ali Hassan al-Khailani, an al-Qaida leader in the town of al-Maqdadiyah, some 100 km northeast of Baghdad, the source said.

Khailani is accused of dozens of attacks and killings against civilians and Iraqi security forces, he said.

Diyala province, which stretches from the eastern edges of Baghdad to the Iranian border east of the country, has long been a stronghold for al-Qaida militants and other insurgent groups since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 despite repeated U.S. and Iraqi military operations against them.