Lula says Brazil's deepwater oil exploration safe
Friday, July 16, 2021 10:32 PM

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BRASILIA, Jul. 16, 2010 (Xinhua News Agency) -- Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Friday that an oil spill like the one in the Gulf of Mexico would not happen off Brazilian coast.

Brazil's deepwater oil exploration is safe and state-owned oil giant Petrobras has more advanced technologies than those used by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, which caused a leaking of thousands of barrels of oil a day in April, said Lula.

"That will not happen in Brazil because Petrobras is the company that has the best technology for oil exploitation in deep waters of the country," he said.

The South American country is poised to exploit its mega oil reservoir under the pre-salt layer of the continental seabed, some 7,000 meters below sea level, 800 miles (1287 km) off the Brazilian coast.

The deepwater oil reservoir is located between the southern states of Santa Catarina and southeastern Espirito Santo, turning Brazil into one of the ten largest oil producers in the world.

Lula reiterated that the income from that exploration will be used to reduce poverty in the country, solve education and health problems, invest in science and technology and tackle environmental and cultural issues.



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