Earnings Preview : Conceptus (NASDAQ: CPTS)
Monday, February 22, 2022 6:53 PM

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CONCEPTUS, INC.(NASDAQ: CPTS) is scheduled to report earnings on Tuesday (2/23/2010) with analyst looking for $0.22

Conceptus, Inc. designs and develops minimally invasive devices for reproductive medical applications. Conceptus'' focus is to develop its STOP non-surgical permanent contraception device for women. STOP is designed to be a less-invasive, safer, and less costly alternative to surgical sterilization, more commonly known as tubal ligation. The STOP device is designed to achieve contraception by elliciting a tissue response which occludes the fallopian tubes.

Fundamental Report :

  • Recently one or more analyst upgraded the stock. Positive
  • The earnings are growing from last one year including recent quarter. Positive
  • The company recorded sales growth in last quarter . Positive

Performance Report :
  • The stock is gaining momentum as compare to its peers : Positive
  • The stock is gaining momentum as compare to its industry : Positive

Technical Report :
  • The stock is trading between support and resistance : Neutral.
  • The moving average is steadily improving : Very Positive.
  • MACD points to bullish movement : Positive.
  • ADX points to uptrending movement : Positive.
  • The Bollinger Bands are very narrow : Neutral.
  • The RSI shows bearish movement : Very Negative.
  • The Chaikin Money Flow Index Signal bullish movement : Positive.
  • The Slow Stochastic signal downward movement : Very Negative.
  • The average volume is rising confirming the trend.

Key Ratios :

  • P/E Ratio: 85.680
  • PEG Ratio: 1.220

Earnings Performance :

  • EPS Growth in Last Quarter: 1,300.00 %
  • EPS Growth in Last Year: 140.00 %
  • Sales Growth in Last Quarter: 3.62 %
  • Sales Growth in Last Year: 28.53 %

Earnings Estimates

  • Current Estimates: $0.22
  • Number of Estimates: 8
  • High Estimate: $0.28
  • Low Estimate: $0.20
  • Last Year EPS: $0.17
  • Percentage Growth: 29.00 %


Technical Chart:

Sector Chart:



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