Samsung, AT&T; Sued over Patent Claims
Tuesday, June 28, 2021 12:56 PM

Taiwanese LCD manufacturer AU Optronics has filed a lawsuit against rival LCD manufacturer Samsung. The lawsuit also names Samsung’s customers AT&T, Best Buy and BrandsMart USA as defendants in the alleged patent infringement case.

AU Optronics, which is Taiwan’s second largest liquid-crystal display manufacturer, filed the suit in a Delaware court. Lawyers for AU Optronics allege in the complaint that “AU has been damaged” by Samsung’s patent infringements.

Although AT&T refused to comment on the lawsuit, Samsung said in a statement regarding the lawsuit that these are “groundless patent-infringement claims” and that it would aggressively defend and protect its patents and customers.

The lawsuit follows Samsung’s own patent infringement claims that the Korean company filed against AU Optronics last month over 5 patents it held relating to LCD technology. Samsung’s lawsuit was filed against AU Optronics and three of its customers – Acer Inc., Sanyo Electric Corp. and BenQ Corp. 

Samsung and Apple, who are business partners, have also filed lawsuits against each other over patent infringements relating to their respective mobile phone technologies. Apple's lawsuit alleges that Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone copied features and designs from Apple’s iPhone 3. Apple went on to claim in the lawsuit that, “[Samsung's] products...blatantly imitate the appearance of Apple's products to capitalize on Apple's success.”  Apple has filed patent infringement lawsuits both in the United States and South Korean courts. Samsung’s counter suit claims that apple infringed on its cellphone and telecommunication technologies like HSPA.

Samsung was the second largest recipient of patents in the United States last year.  Only IBM received more patents in the United States in 2010.