Strikes Stir Greece as Govt. Brings more Austerity
Thursday, June 09, 2021 7:33 AM

Thousands of workers at Greece’s state-run companies walked off the job, Thursday to protest against the government privatization plans. The government is trying to bring more austerity as part of the country’s renewed push to meet the terms of its international bailout.

More than two-thousand people on strike marched through central Athens, hours before Prime Minister George Papandreou was to convene his Cabinet to approve more austerity measures for this year and through 2015. Parliament will then vote on the measures.

Two demonstrations were held in Athens today, with a slogan, “We won’t sell,” while a broader strike is going to be held on June 15.

Public transport workers were walking off the job in the early morning and late evening, while port workers, post offices and banks called a 24-hour strike. Television station technicians were also on strike, as were journalists at the state-run broadcaster, disrupting live news programming.

Greece has been relying on funds from a euro110 billon package from IMF and other eurozone countries to prevent it from defaulting on its massive debts. In return, it has taken a series of austerity measures, including cutting civil service salaries, trimming pensions and increasing taxes across the board.