Kochs won't help top GOP Senate candidates in key state

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President Donald Trump lashed out at Charles and David Koch on Tuesday, tweeting that the billionaire industrialists are a "total joke in real Republican circles" and that he is 'a puppet for no one'. But it plans to spend about $400 million on politics during this election cycle.

Why are they going after Republicans now?

Koch-backed groups have also worked with Trump son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner on issues like prison reform and have been pleased with Trump's deregulatory agenda.

President Trump is lashing out at Charles and David Koch, powerful conservative activists and donors.

He called out the White House and Trump-allied GOP lawmakers, particularly over trade policy and increased federal spending, and added that "the divisiveness of this White House is causing long-term damage".

Those frictions, often latent during Trump's presidency because of his popularity with core Republican voters, have now erupted ahead of November's elections, with the GOP striving to protect its congressional majorities and increasingly debating whether to rally with Trump or against him.

Americans For Prosperity, a branch in the Koch network, announced Monday that the group would not financially back Rep. Kevin Cramer in his North Dakota battle to unseat Democrat Sen.

Trump's policies also have not always been in line with the Kochs' political group-Americans for Prosperity.

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And why shouldn't the Kochs be pleased as punch with how things have gone in the last two years, all their misgivings about "divisive" rhetoric notwithstanding? He appeared at a Koch gathering last October in NY to seek the donors' support for the massive tax cut package Trump signed into law late past year.

So why should they complain?

"We're just getting started, because we have more opportunities in front of us than I ever imagined", he told them. "If [he] doesn't step up to lead, that makes it hard to support him".

This comes after the Koch network has opposed Trump's trade policy, and won't be supporting some Trump-aligned candidates this fall.

"I don't care what initials are in front or after somebody's name", Charles Koch told reporters during a rare, on-the-record interview here. Heidi Heitkamp's support for rolling back bank regulations. They never wanted to be Democrats.

Mr. Trump was expected to travel to Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday to express support for his preferred candidate for governor in a competitive primary. But there may be something else going on as well.

"Their network is highly overrated", Trump said.

Donald Trump enters the RNC to deliver a speech in Cleveland. It's entirely possible that two and a half years from now, there will be a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress, ready and willing to aim their sights on the Kochs and other plutocrats.

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