Levee that had been breached is fortified , say officials

The Columbia lakes area lies south of Houston large parts of which remain under water four days after Harvey made landfall on the US Gulf Coast triggering widespread flooding

The releases will add to flooding in areas close to Buffalo Bayou, which flows through the centre of Houston, said Jeff Linder of Harris County's flood control district. "GET OUT NOW!" the county posted on Twitter at 10:30. With rescues continuing, that number seemed certain to grow.

Harvey made landfall as a category four hurricane before diminishing, but even with the drop in strength, thousands have been displaced by the storm, which made landfall as a category four hurricane.

Columbia Lakes residents in Brazoria County were evacuating immediately, following orders from county officials.

"They need to get out".

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Hurricane Harvey may not have wreaked absolute havoc as a storm, but the aftermath it left behind is awful for the state of Texas. Meanwhile, the tropical storm appeared to be gathering strength once again on the Gulf coast.

Rescuers continued plucking people from inundated Houston neighbourhoods. So we can assume the stark message above was intended for people who did not leave in the face of the warning.

According to CNBC, the Houston reservoirs that contained the heavy rainfall from the storm have started to overflow and officials have released additional water into the city's drainage system to limit the pressure on two dams in the counties.

Before the storm is gone, up to 20in more rain could fall, the National Weather Service said, meaning the flooding will get worse in the days ahead and the water will be slow to recede once Harvey finally moves on.

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